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I am a recording and mixing engineer. The art of mixing is especially fun and fulfilling because it can allow a song to embody a new life that it wouldn't have otherwise. My goal is to give professional sounding mixes to independent artists for an affordable price. I'd love to hear your song and listen to where you'd like to see it go.

To me, the mix is really about the song. Therefore, my approach to mixing is to really listen to the song and where I feel the energy wants to go. When the energy wants to move in one direction or another, there are a number of techniques to get it there.

I was lucky enough to study under some of the best engineers in Boston. Their expertise have shaped many of the ways I perceive the art of mixing. And while their opinions on which roads to take differ sometimes, all of their advice reaches toward the same goal: to make the song the best it can be.

While the least expensive way I work is "in-the-box" (in the computer) from home, I also have access to some wonderful studios with some seriously cool and great sounding gear. I'll list some of their gear below in the "Gear highlights" section. Just know that I'm willing to make my mix fit into your budget. If you have extra money to spend on going into the studio for some tightening up, then I'd be more than happy to oblige. If not, then I will help you to the best of my ability to make your song sound the best it can sound.

Thanks for your time. Again, I'd love to hear from you and see what you're looking to get out of your mix.

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AllMusic verified credits for Steph Durwin
  • Mandy Barnett
  • The Magnetic Fields
  • Worshipper
  • Big D and the Kids Table
  • Big D and the Kids Table
  • Big D and the Kids Table
  • Big D and the Kids Table
  • Jackie Highway
  • Doped Up Dollies
Gear Highlights
  • FabFilter
  • Waves
  • Kush Audio
  • API 1608
  • 1176
  • LA-2A
  • LA-3A
  • Distressor
  • Obsidean
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