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recording&mixing - Steph Durwin

I am a recording and mixing engineer. The art of mixing is especially fun and fulfilling because it can allow a song to embody a new life that it wouldn't have otherwise. My goal is to give professional sounding mixes to independent artists for an affordable price. I'd love to hear your song and listen to where you'd like to see it go.

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The music will be beautiful! - AREFYEV Studio

We make high-quality mixing and mastering of music!

Music Producer/Mixing Engineer - Kai Hildebrand

Get in touch. Tell me what you’re working on and what do you need to make your music shine

I serve and elevate songs! - Marsh Pro Drum Recording

so many of the most iconic records the world has ever heard were defined by a unique drum sound. I believe that there is no default position for a drum performance or drum tones for a record. I want to marry the best of those with your record.

session guitarist, cover songs - logan


Mixing, Mastering, Producer - Wyatt Sayre

Currently working at Paramount Recording and doing freelance mix/ mastering from my home studio. Looking to work with artists of all genres. I use high end plugins and outboard gear to get high quality and clean mixes.

Songwriter/Vocalist - Ghost

Emotional Lyricist/Songwriter. I write sad "When i'm gone" by Eminem or Dax "She Cheated Again" type songs. Follow @cantstopdrinkingwhiteclaws on Instagram to get an idea. From the heart music is what i'm most comfortable with. Something like a mix of NF, Dax, and Eminem. But really I can write for any sub genre of rap/hip-hop.

Music Producer - Karlos Ty

Music Producer & Songwriter. High standards to create music that is rich and authentic, my passion shines through my sounds.

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