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Sound Enricher

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Any sound can earn quality’s passing through the ears & hands of a professional. specialise in channels Improvement (restoration & cleaning of harsh environment recordings, live recorded show mixing, enrichment of home recordings) Mix & mastering for podcasts songs and any special project you can challenge me with.

In the past 20 year I earned a lot of experience In broad fields of sound professions.
Live FOH, Live MON, Studio Recording, field Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Radio, restoration, podcast and video. I had the privilege to work with many well-known artists in Israel and touring around the world with Kolulam and Israel Story.
from me love of radio i specialise over the year in mixing & and mastering of podcasts, a genre that suffers a lot from poor sound handling, podcasts sound consulting led me to the new and evolving world of restoration, a fascinating field that allows us to clean and enhance sound more than ever before.
Remote Mix & Mastering along with the growth and potential of home studios allow me to receive your channels enrich them with my special tools and expertise and send them back for your own finel leveling and tach.
Or to Mix & Master Your creation head to tail.

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Gear Highlights
  • iZotope RX 9
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