Sinotov Serafim

Songwriter with personal touch

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Certified musician with a small home studio and big expirience. Wrote scores and recorded guitar parts for 4 full-length albums in 2020. Still waiting for the final mixings though.

I write music, lyrics, scores, arrangements in different styles.
Can also make you a meme or SMM-copywright, not a problem.

I think, that there's no "bad" genres, but my preferences are:
indie, rock, funk, jazz (mostly old-fashioned), neo-soul, minimalism, chill-hop, american 90' (grunge, noise-rock, no-wave), brittish 70-80' (psychodelia, punk, post-punk, new wave), russian rock (not ironically).

I'm not good at classical orchestration, electronic music and heavy metal genres, but I would defenetely give them all a chance someday. Maybe in one opus simultaneously, who knows.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

Pepluum - Ленка

I was the songwriter, arranger, guitarist, co-producer in this production

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