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"oscarpmlopes" may be the tag of election for what you've been looking for...

Young fresh producer and music enthusiast. While studying, works and develops a multiple range of projects who have been mostly laying in the music field. Graphic and motion design are also part of the skill set that now, and more then ever, connects and integrates the creative process.

Author, founder and producer of projects such as: Desert Rainbow, lone jam, BookMan, Chord Progressive, Dutty Mag, Performative Writings vol.I, Rainbow Pictures and Daily Tribute. A few initiatives you can easily find out there.

When looking after the tag "oscarpmlopes" aka "ol-owell" or "Oscar Well" you'll find an online gallery of a diversified variety of media contents and assets.

No matter if music, theatre, fashion, fine arts, graphic or motion design.
"oscarpmlopes" may be the tag of election for what you're looking for. Who knows if "ol-owell" your new brand!

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Gear Highlights
  • guitars
  • electronic percussion
  • electric bass
  • keys
  • trumpet
  • harmonica
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