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I am available to provide and craft song lyrics. I have studied both poetry and music in formal and informal settings and am also a published poet; I have a keen eye for arranging and balancing words to deliver as big an impact as possible on people, especially given added factors/constraints such as rhythm and mood.

Lyrics: I write lyrics for my own songs and the songs of other people. I am also the author of a poetry chapbook (The Dedicadas) and many of my poems have a musical, rhythmic quality to them. Please contact me to read samples of my writing. My strengths are in narrative flow/storytelling, imagery, rhythm, economy of words, and emotional-mental impact.

Music: In addition to lyricism, I am a percussionist and singer. My main instruments are djembe and talking drum. I have played in shows and drum circles in my community. My favorite genres are alternative/crossover, with a heavy incorporation of West African motifs/influences/stylizations. Please contact me to hear samples of my playing music.

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All details will be determined based upon demands and scope of project.

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