Old-school Mix Engineer

ChrisfromthePast on SoundBetter

Let me help your vision shine through the crowd. I work quickly because of my years in live audio. Instead of applying a cookie cutter approach to mixing and mastering I truly listen to your reference track, and only do the necessary processing, using my hand built analog tools.

I grew up playing in bands, and learned to record with a classic bedroom tape machine, Tascam 388.
I love working with bands and songwriters to help them sound uniquely themselves.
After more than a dozen years working in every role in live audio, I’ve honed a work ethic, speed, and appreciation for the band’s vision that is unusual among my peers.
Communication is the key to a great outcome. I don’t put your mix through a paint by numbers process.
Instead, to do the job right, I evaluate the material, listen to your reference track, and only do the processing that is necessary.

Like it to sound like a classic record? I’m your dude.
Like it lo-fi? I got you.
Like it slick? I got you.
Need your vocals comped? I got you.
Need background vocals? I got you.

Send me a note through the contact button above.

Gear Highlights
  • 500 series outboard rack thats always being added to
  • passive summing with API style make up gain
  • tons of mics and DIs
  • a bunch if API style preamps
  • and of course plugins galore
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