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You would like to make that close-to-perfection session take or priceless recording better if only it was possible! Often it is possible to elevate given the right tools and know-how. I specialize in making any recording better following your desired outcome. Noise reduction, spectral editing, pitch correction, multi-take blending and more.

Whether you're a recording artist focused on self-production, a pro producer, or an audio engineer, sometimes you have a track or clip that needs some love but you don't have the time to give it proper attention or maybe you don't have the tools or experience to correct what's wrong. Send a digital copy of the audio that needs work, along with other supporting tracks (for balance and blending) and document your desired outcome; let me take care of it for you. I offer corrections to audio involving:

Background noise
Uneven tone
Transient shaping
Pick and string noise
Multi-take blending
Spectral editing
Pitch shifting
Custom quantization
Phase issues
Analog coloration
Custom sound design

It can be a single track, a set of tracks such as vocal overdubs, or a series of takes to be blended into a single track. If you don't agree that the result sounds better and mixes better with more tone and dynamics then you only pay the intake fee of $5 per track/clip

Avoid creative paralysis by sending out your flawed audio tracks to be enhanced while you continue with your project. They will come back ready to be integrated into your project better than before.

I am a musician and also an audio engineer so I understand and will work to satisfy both technical and creative goals.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Terms Of Service

$5 non-refundable intake fee for each track/clip. Total editing cost varies by audio condition at time of intake and by the number of distinct media submitted. One free revision if needed.

Gear Highlights
  • A large selection of digital audio tools for manipulating sound
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