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I am a singer/songwriter based out of the northwest. I am passionate about lyrical composition. It fills my head constantly and most days I am lost in my phone writing lyrics. I may not be as experienced as someone you are looking for, but I can bring an extreme drive to begin my career as a songwriter and an innate sense of making good music.

I believe heavily that inspiration, that is ideas floating into you out of nowhere, is where the best work is created. The classics that you can't stop singing, the songs people remember you by. That's where they come from. I also believe that if you waited for inspiration to write all your songs you'll be left with a few good songs by the time you're dead. You can't wait for inspiration to come to you. So I spend most of my "writing time" trying my best to get it to me. That usually means I write close to 15 terrible songs a month, but the 3-5 alright ones I get from the process are worth it. If I can squeeze a great one out of those 3-5 then I'm ecstatic.
To break it down a little bit more technically, I practice a lot of object writing, exploring the relationships between words and how I can relate them to make narrative sense. As I've mentioned I write on my phone throughout the day, usually doing this, allowing ideas I have to come to fruition, or writing story-telling style songs. I will usually take these to my guitar, work out a simple chord progression I enjoy, and focus on the melody by singing along. Alternatively, if words are escaping me, I will play around on the guitar/piano and try to focus on the melody. I will then let the words "come to me" that way. The two different processes end up in two very different songs, I love them equally.

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GenresSounds Like
  • Gram Parsons
  • Marty Robbins
  • Johnny Cash
Gear Highlights
  • Martin D-35
  • Mexican Tele with Gibson rear pick-up
  • adequate microphone and recording equipment
  • Lapsteel guitar
  • Harmonicas
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