HEIMLICHER.NET is a top modern music production company, ready to turn your musical dreams into a final product. Owner Matthias Heimlicher uses a vast and professional network of world-class musicians to realize and fulfill his work purpose, bringing every project to a unique and excellent result.

Located on the picturesque countryside of Switzerland, our lovely working place is peaceful and quiet. Whether you send files or stay with us, your music will get some of that magic touch for sure!

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Terms Of Service

We're here to serve and work on every subtle nuance until everbody is more than happy.
Drop us a message with your request and we'll find a way...

Gear Highlights
  • ProTools HDX2
  • ICON D-Command
  • UAD2 Octo
  • SH Equinox
  • SH Quad Gama
  • SH Optograph
  • SH Mono Gama
  • Avalon VT-737
  • GT SuPRE
  • Avedis MA5
  • Atlas Pro Juggernaut
  • JLM 99v
  • TLA PA1
  • IGS Vanad
  • Avalon U5
  • Hammond M3
  • Rhodes Mark7
  • Kronos X88
  • JP-80
  • Motif XF7
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