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If you are looking for a wordsmith or unique melodies, I'm your girl. Not so much a singer/songwriter, more of a rhymer and keyboardist, known to scratch a mean record! I don't have much professional experience to brag about, as I haven't had anything published, but I have had the majority my work stolen, so I know it's good enough to make it.

I started writing around 1996. What started out as typical crappy-sappy poetry eventually turned into a collection of rhythmic, catchy rhymes and (what I'd like to think of as clever) lyrics and rants, covering topics such as love, heartache, partying, conspiracies, the planet, motherhood, and all things human. I also dabble in playwriting, scripts, sketch comedy, and (mostly immature, distateful) jokes. I also have a tendency to go off on a tangent, I can freestyle style rap for hours when the mood strikes, but I consider this more of a bad habit and coping mechanism than a skill, but to each their own.
When it comes to composing, I mostly just dabble with akeyboard, making beats and short melodies, that would pair well with rap n' roll, alt rock, and jam-band garage music, and scores for sound-tracks and gaming.
My professional exdperience in the industry was time spent (totalling about five or six years) as a wedding DJ/Karaoke Jockey, providing the music, lighting, and PA systems for local events, which included the hauling, set-up, and tear down of equipment, essentially qualifying me as an officail "Roadie".
So there you have it. That's me in a nutshell. If you are looking to collaborate or hire, please contact me with the details, and we can work something out that will benefit all involved. Samples available upon request.

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