Recording on location

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Hi I'm Raffaele, I'm a sound engineer based in Brescia. I worked with artists from different genres: hip-hop, jazz, folk, r&b, pop, classical, reggae and more. I have a background as rapper, songwriter, beat maker, dj and copyright law consultant. I took my diploma in Sound Engineering at Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milano in 2018.

Location recording:
from soloist to orchestra.
Recording classical music ensemble, choir, jazz band, pipe organ, in concert halls, auditoriums, theatre and different location.

Mixing and mastering songs.
Audio post production for short movies and documentaries.
Audio editing and post production for podcast.
Digital delivery

If you're looking for aseptic and instant service, i'm not your guy. I'd like to work and collaborate with passionate people and grow up with them as musician and audio engineer.
I treat every project as if it was mine, I like to "sleep on things", come up with new ideas next morning or simply listen with fresh ears, until i get the best possible result for the given audio material.
The workflow is all digital with the best software plu-ins on the market.
Reasonable revisions are included.

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

Terms Of Service

Mixing and mastering.
Up to 32 tracks
Prices could vary depending on the job type.
Max 4 reasonable revisions.
Turn-around time (approx 3-8 working day).

Gear Highlights
  • Millennia HV-3d 8ch
  • Neve 1073 opx 8ch
  • Studer channel strip 900
  • Audient asp 880 8ch
  • Schoeps cmc6
  • Neumann km 184
  • Neumann KM 183
  • Neumann tlm 49
  • DPA 2011
  • Oktava mk-012
  • AKG c414 XLS
  • Coles 4038
  • Motu 16a AVB
  • Motu 8a AVB
  • Universal audioApollo 8
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