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I will compose the music of your song or an instrumental version for your media content.

Hello, I am Jerome Tonin, a music composer and producer from Europe.

Music is the most powerfull way to communicate and exchange emotions, from the first inspiration to a performance in front of your audience.

It would be a great experience for me to help you compose a piece of music for a song or an instrumental version of your art.

You have written beautifull lyrics or poems and you want to give them life. But if writing music is not your best skill, I will compose, produce and mix an instrumental track that your lyrics deserve.

I have studied music writing in music conservatory as harmony, counterpoint, etc.

I learned piano, the guitar, the violin, the drums, the clarinet, etc. so I know the limits of what is possible to play for every instrument.

I played in several bands of different genre like rock, pop, classical, metal, reggae, roots and recorded albums in studio and many concerts.

I was trained in mixing in a professional studio in the south of France.

Whatever the style of your song, the music can contain a few instruments with lot of space to a piece with a symphony orchestra mixed with amplified rock, metal or even electro instruments.

All those skills allow me to produce the musical demo track that feats your lyrics, at a high quality and originality. Then you can approach production companies with confidence.

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Interview with Jerome Tonin

  1. Q: What are you working on at the moment?

  2. A: I am writing the music of the next album for the Nereids project.

Terms Of Service

I will proceed to a maximum of five revisions of my work.

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