Pop, rock and Jazz mixing

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Gear geek who's just as comfortable with electronic- as with acoustic recordings. I've worked with Norwegian artists like Emil Solli-Tangen and Hævk, and I'm currently studying music production in Bergen, Norway!

I'm a 21 year old producer, mixer and artist with a passion for anything that makes sound. I've been lucky enough to study music for two years now, during which I've gotten to work with a lot of jazz, rock and pop. As an artist I make a lot of ambient music, electro-acoustic and neo-classical, and I tend to mix things in a very dynamic way because of that. My favourite projects to work on, are ones where I get to be part of the recording process, and do some "physical" mixing in the live-room. I like the technical side of music, but it's the creative process that I'm truly passionate about.

My mixes are as mentioned dynamic and wide, I tend not to use too much compression, and I LOOVEE a lush reverb. I currently don't have any analogue gear in my setup, even though I'd love to; but I try to mix in an analogue way anyways.

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