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For any audio that needs some finessing, fine-tuning or straight-up fixing! Whether it's unwanted noises that need removing, multiple recordings that need to sound more 'together', or you're not even sure what's needed but you just need it sorted... I can help!

Hi, I'm a composer/producer, sound designer and technical supervisor with over 10 years' experience creating music and sound for a wide range of projects, from BAFTA-nominated film and TV productions, to worldwide advertising campaigns and large-scale museum installations.

Whatever your project, you can expect an emphasis on quality, passionate attention-to-detail, and a friendly and collaborative service.

Audio Restoration — I can clean up mouth noises, remove clicks and pops, reduce unwanted background sounds, erase crackle and hum, improve voice clarity and generally smooth out what needs smoothing.

Editing — This can cover whatever you require, whether you've done a music edit to a video and want to make your transitions smoother, or some words or phrases need removing from a passage of dialogue, or you have a bunch of recordings and want to cut them down to just the useful stuff – anything goes!

Time Alignment & Quantizing — I've been doing this on my own projects for years and am very happy to do the same for yours. Whether it's one vocal take or a multi-track drum recording, I can tighten them up and deliver them back to you however you need.

Sound Design — My sound design experience ranges from little online animated educational videos to high-impact sports promos and museum soundscapes featuring WWII tanks. I look forward to discussing your project!

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Terms Of Service

For by-the-hour services, I'll give you a time & cost estimate upfront. Revisions are also billed hourly.
For other services, 2 rounds of revisions are included, then billed at an hourly rate.

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