Isaiah Ong

Mastering/Mix Engineer

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Diploma in Audio Production graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts. Been in Live Sound industry for two years. You can trust my ears to help you achieve your desired mix or master.

My name is Isaiah, and I love music so much, in all forms it can take. I've been a bedroom electronic music producer since 2014, and a trained mix and mastering engineer since graduating from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2020. I've worked live audio mixing for two years after. I'm putting myself out on this platform to find clients who will let me do what I enjoy to do in-between my career break.

That said, I love mixing and mastering audio. I will mix your song for $200, and master it for $70. (I will discount it to $250 for both). I will also do audio editing, such as pitch correction and time alignment, for $20 per track, but worry not, I'll do it for free if I'm already mixing your song.

I work on Ableton Live, and use the FabFilter bundle to do the bulk of my mixing and mastering. The FabFilter Pro-Q3 changed my life, and I will abuse it to the best of my ability for your mix and/or master.

I hope you can give me a chance to continue the work I love, while filling up my rice bowl. Thank you for reading this.

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