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I am a professional audio engineer, podcast producer & musician. I produce all forms of audio, spoken word, audio books, educational & marketing material, documentaries, live recordings, Voice Over work, musical scores, idents, stings & audio beds. I specialise in high quality & popular podcasts. I am the Audio Wrangler.

Using only professional software, the services I offer include:

Podcast Creation & Production
Audio Editing (including editorialising if required)
Audio Clean-up / Restoration / Noise Reduction / Normalisation
Production, Mixing & Mastering
File Conversion of your audio into standard formats such as MP3’s, AIFF, WAV, OGG.
Upload the finished product for your convenience.
I can write original music, soundtracks, idents, stings & audio beds.
Video Audio Track Clean-up / Restoration / Noise Reduction / Normalisation
Video Editing

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