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Jason Del Campo is a guitar player and sound engineer specialized in recording/mixing. His recent clients are : Le festival de Cannes, Solab, Slogan, Estée Lauder, Black Lilys, A Transient State, Ti'kaniki, and many others. He has a tremendous musical and technical background, which help him to move easily through different styles

He works mostly in Studio Polycarpe in Lyon, his beloved recording/mixing studio. He likes to works on film soundtracks, electronic and experimental music and mainstream production as well. the creativity and the respect for the artist vision are at the center of his way of mixing a track.
During the last year he collaborated with Ian Dowling (Grammy winning engineer and record producer). Solab, for the Film L'Atlantic Bar selected at the festivall de Cannes 2022 (composition, recording and mixing)
Estée Lauder, Slogan, Ti'kaniki and A Transient State.
He is also an international touring guitar player?

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  • English
Gear Highlights
  • Barefoot Micromain 27
  • Fearn VT7
  • Dangerous AD+/ Chandler mini rack mixer
  • ShadowHill mastercomp
  • Neve 1073
  • Chandler TG1
  • Retro Sta Level...
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