Paul J. Toth

Music Producer / Mixer /

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My credits range from Broadway to LA, Toronto to Vancouver. Calgary is home but the world is just an online / remote away (or an airport away!). Music production to Video production. Radio, TV, Film. Mixing, composing, sound design.

A musician for many years, I've played & performed thousands of hours. As a music producer, I started off in classic 24 track 2" tape studios, now of course In The Box with several DAW's to choose from. I love Cubase, but I have & work in Pro Tools, Nuendo, Audition & Reaper. Outboard 1176, 2A + many plugins. Any style suits me: Metal to Jazz!
As a Video / TV / Film producer my experience is from local to national & international. I work in Adobe, Davinci, Avid, After Effects and more! Extensive experience, knowledge and skills.

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Gear Highlights
  • Cubase
  • Nuendo
  • Pro Tools
  • Roland Fantom 06
  • WA76
  • WA2A
  • WA-67
  • C214
  • 170's
  • WA-14
  • E604's
  • SM57's
  • SM58
  • WA-47jr
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