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I'm a studio and live drummer with over 20 years of experience playing a wide variety of music! My goal is to work with artists to create the perfect percussive textures to suit any song. Whether it be a high-energy pop song, something lo-fi and full of space, or creative use of drum voicing, I will deliver the best product possible.

I've been playing the drums since I was 12 years old, but my musical journey began on piano at the age of 4. Growing up in a very musical family afforded me the opportunity to explore and express myself through playing and singing, and I was able to discover a wide variety of genres as a result. As a professional drummer, I've toured with pop, rock, singer-songwriter, and country artists and performed countless studio sessions in virtually every style.

I record 9 channels of drums at my studio in Nashville and can deliver sounds ranging from tight and close to huge and roomy. I have a custom maple Risen drum set and a range of Zildjian cymbals to achieve the sound you're looking for.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me via the Contact button, and let's make some music!

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14 Reviews

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  1. Review by Steven Cooper
    by Steven Cooper

    An absolutely stellar drum talent. I have used Brian in the studio for a wide variety of styles, and always brings excellent ideas with remarkable touch & feel, with a willingness to chase down a new idea in the moment. Fantastic attitude, and a real joy to work with.

  2. Review by Cory Quintard
    by Cory Quintard

    Brian has been my first call for gigs and studio time for over 5 years. He’s a rock solid drummer who can nail any style, and he always does what’s best for the song. His talent is only matched by his professionalism, positive attitude, and desire to go above and beyond. He often knows my own lyrics better than I do. He’s mega dependable,
    committed, and just an all around excellent dude and person to hang out with. Hire Brian for any of your drumming/BGV needs! He will kill it!

  3. Review by Ross Cooper
    by Ross Cooper

    I’ve worked with Brian on the road and in the studio for years now. Nashville is a town filled with incredible talent, and Brian is my first call. He’s creative in the studio, dynamic, and exudes positivity. He shows up prepared and nails it. What more could you want?

    He’s well-versed in just about every style and genre, and he can sing too! BONUS.

    Whether it’s flying tracks or tracking live, I trust Brian 100% with whatever I send him. You can tell he truly cares about every project…he’s never “punching the time card” or “phoning it in”. He’s perfect for your project.

  4. Review by William Mikkelson
    by William Mikkelson

    I’m a producer and mixing engineer in Nashville, TN and have used Brian for drum recording countless times. He has incredible timing and feel and is also extremely adaptable with different styles and genres. When it came time to record drums for my own personal solo project Brian was the obvious choice. Aside from drumming Brian is a consummate professional. On time, hard working, efficient, and he can learn and/or create parts easily. It’s seriously been a joy to work with Brian in the studio over the past many years.

  5. Review by Taylor Chadwick
    by Taylor Chadwick

    If I could give a rating of six stars I would! Brian is an absolute pro in every way - a great player, timely, flexible, always prepared. His playing is incredibly musical and creative; you can tell he's really thinking about the progression and arc of a song when writing/playing his parts. Having worked with Brian in both recording and live settings, he always brings an energetic and charismatic attitude - getting Brian to play on your record is a must!

  6. Review by Mike Dunton
    by Mike Dunton

    Brian is my go-to drummer for sessions and live gigs. He approaches the drums as a musician first and internalizes each song to find the perfect part. When he's performing, it's clear that he's expressing himself through the drums, bringing life into his playing that I can only describe as an "it" factor. He also has a lights-out voice and the sense of melody to express harmonies flawlessly.

    All that to say, what truly sets Brian apart in a town of incredible musicians is his congeniality. Every room that Brian is in has a happy, relaxed, and creative vibe, and that's no coincidence!

  7. Review by Matt Hires
    by Matt Hires

    I’ve toured with Brian extensively, and I can easily say that he’s one of the best drummers I’ve ever played with and an absolute gem of a person. And as anyone who tours knows, the latter is as important as the former. He’ll play his ass off and also have no problem with long drives, early lobby calls, and late load-outs. He’s an all around great dude. Have him play with you in any capacity, and you won’t regret it.

  8. Review by Jason Peterson
    by Jason Peterson

    Brian sat in on a session with my band and has been our go-to ever since! From recording sessions, to practices, to live shows, he always shows up prepared and truly cares about the music he plays. His musical instinct is extraordinary and he never fails to serve the song. A man of many talents, he even adds vocal harmonies to the mix. On top of all of his musical accolades, he’s also a fantastic person and a joy to be around. I couldn’t recommend anyone more than him!

  9. Review by Cait Leary
    by Cait Leary

    For years I've worked with Brian, both in studio settings and on stage. He's got all the stuff of a great drummer; solid time keeping, technical skillz, dynamic control, the pocket on speed dial.... but in addition to all of that, he is always invested in the music.

    Brian learns the songs back to front, he knows the words, he sings along, he watches everyone and he grooooooooves. We have fun making music together.

    I believe that music is more enjoyable to watch and listen to when the players creating it are enjoying it as well. It just becomes more.

    Brian is the special sauce.

  10. Review by Nathan B.

    This is the one to hire.

    Knocked out "Divorced Folks" by my band Hoyle in a single live take. Nuts.

    Dude is a monster and a killer hang.

  11. Review by Owen Evans
    by Owen Evans

    Great drummer, super pro! Excellent sounding snare drum choices.

  12. Review by Rocko Wheeler
    by Rocko Wheeler

    I’ve worked with Brian Cox on multiple albums, live shows, and arrangements for more than ten years. He’s one of the BEST drummers in Nashville. Not only drums, but a generous collaborator. I love his harmonies, creative input, and all around good sense. Id consider myself lucky to work with him again. A preferred musician and friend to work with. He has serious chops with rock, Americana, and country—-and a distinct sound. He adjusts in the studio as needed, making my music, frankly, sound better than it did before he got to it.

  13. Review by Collin Brewer
    by Collin Brewer

    Every time I've seen Brian play for the last 15 years, I've thought the same thing- this guy is still the best drummer I know.

    I've worked with Brian as a songwriter, performer, and producer, and he's always been the right man for the job. He's a true lover of music and it shows in how he plays and approaches a song.

    On top of his drumming prowess, he's a talented vocalist who can lend you a hand on BGVs in both live and studio settings.

  14. Review by Kevin Harper
    by Kevin Harper

    Brian is my go to Nashville session drummer! His musical instinct is second to none, he knows all the classic references, and his playing always puts the song first.

    Brian has great sensibilities and drum vernacular for pop, rock, indie, americana, folk, R&B, and many other fusion styles. I trust Brian's creativity the most, and he's a total joy and pro to work with!
    Oh yeah - and you definitely want his snare tone.