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Hello. my name is Mikey Canoy, and I am a music producer out of Richmond, VA. I often spend my time creating and performing with my band Set For Tomorrow. With over a decade of experience performing, writing and producing music, I am here to offer any help I can to help you make your music better.

With over a decade of experience, I am here to help you realize your creative vision and execute with full formulated production. I can take something as simple as a phone recording and turn it into a full production you're proud of. I love big rock and modern sounding productions, rich with saturation and punchy elements, all while maintaining an analog "feel". I can add layers, harmonies, keys and various production elements to level up the sound.

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21 Reviews

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  1. Review by Justin Williamson
    by Justin Williamson

    Mikey was an absolute pleasure to work with. We travelled from Rochester, NY to work with him in his studio, and he couldn’t have given us a better experience if he tried. From being an immaculate songwriter, to a beast producer, to just being an overall great guy, this is the man you want to work with to make your track BEEFY!

  2. Review by Nyshawn Rudd
    by Nyshawn Rudd

    Working with Mikey has been a very inspiring experience. I use the word inspiring because not only does he have amazing recording quality, but he encourages you to do your best, and to breach out your comfort zone to create the best product possible. I’ve been to other producers, but I feel like I get a coach and a producer when I come to Mikey. It’s always all out of love, and just wanting to see the best out of others. Great guy, great product.

  3. Review by Edwin French
    by Edwin French

    Honestly working with Mikey is a dream, he really takes a demo and sends it into the stratosphere with his record label level of production. And he's so easy to work with too! Doing zoom sessions with him have felt like just screwing around with a friend and out comes a really cool song, he's always open to suggestions and really hones in what youre going for with each song. 10/10 will def work with him for many more tracks.

  4. Review by Ryan Warren
    by Ryan Warren

    Mikey is an absolute pleasure to work with! He's very professional and has some of highest quality I've heard in the Richmond, Va area. Mikey truly cares about the bands/artists he works with and I highly recommend anyone looking for producer to work with him!

  5. Review by Joshua Vaughn
    by Joshua Vaughn

    After tracking in a local studio we brought our 10 track LP to Mikey for mixing/mastering. (band: Noctvrnal Cvlt album:Don't Be Afraid of the Dark) The workflow, correspondence, and efficiency was super fast, and he was able to quickly edit and dial in the exact tones and adjustments we requested. The finished product exceeded our expectations and elevated our album to the professional sound we were looking for.

  6. Review by Forrest
    by Forrest

    Mikey is such a solid person to work with, he will not lead you wrong. Always has the right advice at the right time and on top of that, he has a very welcoming demeanor. You can count on being comfortable and confident when it comes to his process from start to finish. And if you’re wondering about his undeniable talent please go check out his projects and projects he has worked on with other artist. Go book you won’t regret it!

  7. Review by Nick Gober-Keller
    by Nick Gober-Keller

    Mikey is an extraordinarily talented musician and producer. I have worked with Mikey for multiple projects across different genres and he consistently delivers beyond my expectations.

    Mikey brings unique ideas to the table that I haven’t seen anywhere in the industry. He has a talent for being able to see your vision for your project clearly and delivering something special every time.

    I highly recommend Mikey to any musician for their recording needs. Best in Richmond hands down.

    -Nick Gober-Keller
    Frontman, Almost Gone
    Guitarist, Seasons

  8. Review by Jacob Paradee
    by Jacob Paradee

    I’ve worked with Mikey several times. He’s an absolute wizard when it comes to production and writing. He’s super professional and personable. Whether you have a song fully done and you just need mixing or you need help fulfilling your artistic vision Mikey has got your back!

  9. Review by Eyker Cruz
    by Eyker Cruz

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mikey on multiple projects now and its always a sweet time! One of my favorite things I dig about working with him is his ability to bring someones idea to life. Always a positive atmosphere, lookin forward to next time !!

  10. Review by Allison
    by Allison

    Mikey is the real deal guys! I hit him up to help me with a song idea I've been working on for YEARS and all I had was a phone recording of me playing it, and OH MY GOD. He turned my song into a full on masterpiece! I can not recommend him enough, do yourselves a favor and bring your project to him, you won't be disappointed!

  11. Review by Evan G.
    by Evan G.

    So glad I reached out to Mikey :D He’s super professional & friendly. Made the whole music experience fun & exciting. Can’t wait for the next song!

  12. Review by Kyle
    by Kyle

    Mikey is awesome. He’s extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the process. This was our first time doing something like this and he made the experience so easy for us. Having tracked with him made us want to jump straight into another project immediately. Hell of an experience, hell of an engineer, hell of a product.

  13. Review by John Francis
    by John Francis

    I have been working with Mikey for years on various projects. He has always delivered the BEST possible experience you could ever have with a producer. He provides game changing tips while not taking over the whole thing. He has done so much for me and many many others over the years and I am forever grateful for that. He works fast as hell and will not let you leave without an amazing finished product. He is an amazing dude too. Such a great guy to work with. If you’re not working with Mikey on your music, then what the fuck are you doing??? BOOK HIM

  14. Review by Andrey Borzykin
    by Andrey Borzykin

    Mikey’s mixing and mastering skills are already that of a household name engineer, and he’s still eager to learn every day and humble to get feedback from his peers and gladly accepts criticism, whenever there is some, which only proves that sky is the limit for him. Super easy-going attitude while being professional to a tee. Would highly recommend!

  15. Review by Dylan Edwards
    by Dylan Edwards

    Mikey is the complete package. His technical ability as an engineer and command of his tools is industry standard. He can work intuitively as a creative collaborator and has facility on guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, keys and sound design, giving him so much to contribute to an arrangement that can transform initial ideas at any stage of development into dense productions. Every session is an adventure and he has an excellent combination of discipline and personality to bring the best out of the artist while bringing exactly what is needed to the table from what he has to offer.

  16. Review by Serentena
    by Serentena

    Holy shit, Mikey is amazing. Lots of attention to detail and he genuinely cares about getting your project exactly how you envision it

  17. Review by June
    by June

    My band and I worked with Mikey on our EP and had such a wonderful experience.
    Mikey is extremely professional yet easygoing and lovely to work with. He does an amazing job with recording and will really go the distance to achieve the sound you want and make sure everything is cohesive. 10/10 experience!

  18. Review by Nicholas Erickson
    by Nicholas Erickson

    I have worked on a couple of projects with Mikey. I can say with confidence that he is one of the best producers to work with. He has an extraordinary ability to connect with his clients and create a productive and creative atmosphere. Mikey is also extremely concise in terms of sonic cohesion, so if you plan to work on a lengthier body of work such as an EP or LP, Mikey is the best choice for it! Not to say he can’t also produce an amazing sounding single for you!

  19. Review by Brendan McGlathery
    by Brendan McGlathery

    I’ve worked with Mikey for years. He’s a patient engineer that really cares about every client he has. No awkward silences, no intimidation. He will hear your idea and help you and make suggestions but ultimately he will bring YOUR vision to life. There isn’t a more humble engineer to work with.

  20. Review by Faux
    by Faux

    I have been working with Mikey from personal music projects to parodies and continue coming back to work with him. The reason is how genuine he is when he does everything he can to provide you the sound you want, when you want it.

Interview with Mikey Canoy

  1. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  2. A: Both.

  3. Q: What's your 'promise' to your clients?

  4. A: Top shelf quality!

  5. Q: What do you like most about your job?

  6. A: The ability to help artists realize the vision for their projects, and being a part of it. It makes me feel like I can be a temporary "member" of each band.

  7. Q: What type of music do you usually work on?

  8. A: Pop Punk, Metalcore, NuMetal, Rock, R&B, Ambient, Hip Hop

  9. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  10. A: Vision for each project, ability to put the vision to application.

  11. Q: What do you bring to a song?

  12. A: Professional song writing, structure, topline melody and harmony selections. Creative edge with production elements that will set the project apart from others.

  13. Q: What's your typical work process?

  14. A: The typical work process involves writing, restructuring or adjusting the song before hopping into mixing. Once the song has been structured properly, I mix down the base elements first, guitars, drums, bass etc. Then I will shift focus to the production elements, synthesizers, layers, FX etc. A lot of magic happens in this area, helping to give the artist that "defining" sound.

  15. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  16. A: Over $50,000 of studio equipment including top quality instruments and plug-ins to ensure the best audio quality for any song.

  17. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  18. A: Andrew Wade, Andrew Baylis, Erik Ron, Zakk Cervini, Andrew Schepps, Joey Sturgis, Will Putney

  19. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  20. A: Mixing, Mastering, Writing, Production

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  • Set for Tomorrow
  • GraveBound
  • Of Virtue
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  • Kemper
  • Kiesel VM7
  • Kiesel Vader 6
  • Mackie MCU Pro
  • Pro Tools
  • Waves
  • Slate Digital
  • Fab-Filter
  • Mixwave
  • Gulfoss
  • Access Analog
  • Neural DSP
  • Omnisphere
  • Serum
  • Spitfire Audio
  • Focusrite
  • Adam Audio
  • Akai
  • Charvel
  • Djinn
  • Loki
  • SSD
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