Danny Bale

Screen Composer | Arranger

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Enriching good storytelling with texture, tension, groove, and melody. A background in drums and classical percussion. Experience with both screen composing and instrumental arranging for artists.

I'm a composer and arranger that loves to blend different sounds together, creating the perfect hue for your scene or song.

Screen Composing

Contact me to discuss the project, what you are aiming for, and whether I'd be a good fit. Are you aiming for a more textural modern sound or a more traditional melodic sound? I'll send through some initial ideas to see if my vision is matching yours and we can go from there.


Send through your song in its rough form, a summary of what you're imagining, along with a tempo guide and any chord charts. I'll have a listen and sketch out some ideas for some layers that will make your song glow and we can go from there.

Examples of work: https://youtu.be/68XEfoAAt5k

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

Getting Dressed

I was the Composer/Producer in this production

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