Philipp Gerbig

Mixing/Mastering Engineer

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Hey, I am Philipp from Hanau / Germany. For over a decade, I am working as Audio Engineer across many genres and have done the sound for hundreds of bands and thousands of concerts.

With over a decade of audio engineering across many genres and live mixing for hundreds of bands and thousands of concerts, I will mix and master your song - radio and distribution ready!

I am using state-of-the-art tools like Universal Audio, Izotope, Fabfilter, Sonarworks, etc. to get the best possible result for your music - handcrafted with manual processing for each individual track.

What I do:
- Mixing your Stems with Level Adjustments, EQ-ing, Compression, Panning, Stereo-Imaging, and Mid-Side-Editing
- Adding Effects with Reverb, Delay, Saturation, and more
- Denoising and cleaning up of your Stems, if needed.
- Quantizing your Backing vocals and optional auto-tune or manual pitch correction
- Mastering your song with a competitive loudness for your distribution

What you get:
- 16/24-bit WAV File
- 320-kbps MP3
- Loudness optimization for Spotify distribution, please let me know if you have other plans. other formats if requested
- optional: instrumental version, mixed group stems, non-explicit version, etc.

What you send:
- WAV Files of your stems
- ideally, 1 - 3 Reference Tracks in which direction your sound should go
> if not possible: let's talk about it, I can help!

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