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Patient, committed, passionate composer with a focus on film, tv, video game, and trailer scores. I always write from the heart, but have no problem rebuilding a song multiple times, if it yields a better end result. Over 16 years as a self-taught guitarist/songwriter, collaborating with hard rock/metal/acoustic acts, which inspires my process.

American expat from Maryland, recently relocated to London. With film/tv, the genres I'm interested in include psychological thriller, drama, post-apocalyptic, and horror; with video games, I feel I’d fit best with narrative driven projects, particularly those with melancholic/dark themes. Music has gotten me through the darkest of times, and a backdrop during the happiest, both as a listener and musician. For me, writing/performing is to bare my soul, so I will always put the care into the work.

Though I've been a musician for over 16 years, I've gone down several paths as an artist in that time, pursuing concept art work for video games/attending Gnomon School of Visual Effects, having fun with photography, videography, digital painting, graphic design; for years, I was using these skills to help small businesses with online marketing by creating commercials/ads/posters, etc., and setting up their social media presence. I mention this because this is where my experience with production and meeting deadlines comes into play. I'm now at ground zero, in that I do not yet have credits on entertainment projects, but my prior ventures have taught me a lot about time/project management, meeting deadlines...and about my perfectionist tendencies. More importantly, they taught me what I want to dedicate my career to, and that is what has been my anchor throughout life: music.

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Mike T. Bain, ''Never Let Me Down Again''

I was the composer and mixer in this production

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