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We are the new industry standard for Online Mastering. For the first time ever we offer the ability to fuse digital technology with expensive, authentic analogue hardware that gives you the sound of our real studio and the convenience of an online service.

Why do I need a "Reference Track?
We analyse both of the tracks you send us and master your music based on the loudness levels, frequency spectrum, dynamic range and overall sound of the reference material.

Why should I pay more than LANDR?
While automated mastering services are great and can be helpful in the mixing and demo stage, when it finally comes time for the release they simply cannot guarantee high quality playback across a number of different systems and acoustic environments.

How long does it take?
Due to the high level of interest in our services we have had to extend our wait time from 24 hour to 72 hours guaranteed.

How to prepare your track for mastering
Remove all compression and limiting from your master channel BEFORE
you send it!

Check the headroom level on your master fader and make sure no sounds are louder than -3db. (between -6db to -9db is usually good).

Make sure each instrument and sound is balanced in a way that you like and that there is no unwanted noise (clicks, pops etc).

Remember that there is a lot we can do to your tracks but there is a limit. Your song will always sound better if we are doing enhancement processes as opposed to trying to fix your recording/ production so be happy with your music before you send it along.

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Terms Of Service

Every track is unique and we work harder than anyone else to make sure your track is perfect. Unlimited revisions. 3 day maximum delivery (typically 24-48 hours). Highest Quality WAV & MP3.

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