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Songwriter at the keyboard

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Powerful keyboard and top-notch lyrics.


I play the piano/keyboard and write songs for my band and other singers and bands. My lyrics are powerful, intricate, and playful with meaning, creating the perfect combination of a profound message and a catchy motif. I'm bilingual English and Spanish.

My writing has been awarded several times and has been consequently published in the shape of a book of poems, opinion essays, and research articles. I'm a trained worker of the noble art of words and a self-taught keyboard player. It's a killer combo.

When writing for others, I use a self-made questionnaire that helps me get exactly what you want, followed by conversations about the project, the artist, and any other relevant topic. I never show a finished piece - instead I create 3 to 5 variations so we can have material to work with. I am an active listener and want the best for your project.

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