Mixing and Mastering Engineer

bykawali on SoundBetter

Hey there, I'm Linus Esch, an enthusiastic audio engineering student based in Germany, and I'm here to take your audio projects to the next level. If you want to make your music, podcast, or any audio content sound amazing, I'm your guy! I'm not just about pressing buttons and doing clinical Mixes. I'm all about making your audio come to life.

I'm always happy to do a test mix for you so you can check out my abilities before you take the step and lay your beloved project in my hands.

What I Offer:

-Session Editing: Need assistance cleaning up your recordings or tightening your arrangements? I'll prepare your session to the highest standards, making it ready for further post-production.

- Mixing: If you want your song to reach an industry-level mix, I'm more than happy to help. I'm adaptable across various genres and will do my best to shape the sound according to your creative input.

- Mastering: It's important to recognize the significant impact a well-done master can have on your project. Achieving a competitive volume in relation to the millions of songs out there will give you a crucial advantage over other artists. Let me assist you with that!

Send me a note through the contact button above.

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