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Work with Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Rich Jacques. Specializing in crafting deeply personal and authentic productions for artists. With over 100 million streams and 350 plus placements in film and TV, he has the ear and experience to guide your music to something both unique and accessible.

Meet Rich Jacques, a Grammy-winning songwriter and producer, celebrated for creating deeply personal and authentic productions that resonate with artists seeking to discover and refine their unique sound. Operating from Ojai, California, Rich brings a specialized approach to each project, ensuring that every production reflects the artist's truest artistic vision.

Rich offers tailored songwriting and production services, aiming to transform your songs into powerful expressions of your personal journey and artistic identity. Whether you’re an emerging songwriter or an established artist, Rich's expertise and compassionate approach make him the ideal choice to guide your musical project to both critical acclaim and widespread accessibility. As a singer-songwriter and artist himself, he deeply understands the process from all sides..

Why hire Rich? With a grammy winning album with Lisa Loeb and over 350 placements in film and TV, Rich's work has permeated the landscape of popular culture, appearing in everything from major commercials to blockbuster films, hit TV shows, and accumulating more than 100 million streams. His unique capability to blend emotional depth with commercial appeal makes him an invaluable partner for any artist looking to elevate their music.

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