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I understand the importance of sonic excellence. I'm here to walk this path alongside you, to fully grasp your unique vision and to break free from any "should-dos." I believe in embracing the creative flow, thinking outside the box, and adapting to your individual budget, lifestyle, and personality. That's why I am the right person for you!

Here is what you'll be getting from me:

Affordable mixing (Up to 60 tracks) that includes EQ, compression, saturation, Fx's, among other advanced techniques. I use these tools judiciously to enhance the character of your music while preserving your authenticity. You will get a unique mixing.

Your track isn't truly ready until it's been mastered to perfection. I bring out the best in your mix, making it radio-ready and optimized for streaming platforms. My goal is to ensure your music sounds its best, no matter where it's played.

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This service includes 3 revisions.

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Pop Spirit - Save me (Ft. Sombrerito)

I was the Mixer in this production

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I offer 3 revisions for all my services

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