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Unleash the power of your music with Pier-Durk Hogeterp, the mastering engineer who elevates your tracks to perfection. With over a decade of experience, he'll meticulously balance, enhance, and ensure your music sounds its best across all platforms. Contact him today for a transformative mastering experience that elevates your music.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Pier-Durk has honed his skills to become a master of the craft. His expertise lies in carefully balancing the frequency spectrum, enhancing clarity, and ensuring your music maintains its original character while sounding perfect on any device. He's worked with a diverse range of artists, from indie bands to international superstars, and has a proven track record of elevating their music to new heights.

Pier-Durk's approach to mastering is not about adding artificial effects or gimmicks. It's about preserving the essence of your music while bringing out its full potential. He's a true audio enthusiast who cares deeply about the quality of the sound he delivers.

Here are just a few of the things that make Pier-Durk Hogeterp the go-to mastering engineer for discerning artists:

Unparalleled attention to detail: Pier-Durk scrutinizes every aspect of your music, ensuring that every musical element is heard clearly and in balance.

Expertise in mixing and mastering: Pier-Durk has a deep understanding of both mixing and mastering, which allows him to seamlessly integrate mastering into your overall production.

Passion for music: Pier-Durk is a true music lover who connects with the emotional core of your songs. He brings that passion to his work, ensuring that your music truly resonates with listeners.

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Discogs verified credits for Pier-Durk Hogeterp
  • Het NoorderLicht Project*, Marc Floor, Pjotr (6), Sera Noa & Elly & Rikkert
  • Various
  • Gerald Troost
  • Marco de Jong (2), Timon Borgdorff, Michiel van Heusden, Amanda Lock
  • Rico (5), Typhoon (4) & Muppetstuff
  • So-Lo
  • Rico (5), Typhoon (4) & Muppetstuff
  • Sean Taylor (11)
  • De Ministers
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  • Zilt (2)
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  • The Brave (2)
  • Jan Henk de Groot
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  • Life@Opwekking
  • Various
  • Life [At] Opwekking*
  • The Monolith Deathcult
  • Cesair
  • Schrijvers Voor Gerechtigheid
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  • Knarsetand
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  • Talitha Nawijn
  • Buddha For Mary
  • Atlantic Attraction
  • Life@Opwekking
  • Joke Buis
  • Dandana
  • Elvya*
  • Isabelle (56)
  • Sideditch
  • The Womb (3)
  • Joke Buis
  • The Lighthouse
  • Alcuna Wilds
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  • Make Some Noise Kids
  • Make Some Noise Kids
  • Life@Opwekking
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  • The Monolith Deathcult
  • Tim Treffers
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  • Tim Treffers
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  • Joke Buis
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  • Copperhead County
  • Supersister Projekt 2019*
  • Bragolin Vs Adam Tristar
  • Sweet Empire
  • The Fatal Flowers
  • Jocelynn van den Berg
  • Copperhead County
  • The Bowery
  • Ralph Van Manen
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  • Zwarte Poëzie
  • The Monolith Deathcult
  • Kingfisher Sky
  • Marieke Sleurink
  • Adam Tristar
  • Tikva Joanne*
  • Nits*
  • Roméo
  • Fragment (4)
  • Supersister Projekt 2019*


  • Dutch
  • English
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