Lord Saimon

Pop and Rock Mix Engineer

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Experienced mix engineer specializing in transforming off-tune vocals and instruments into brilliant, polished tracks. Expertise in fine-tuning raw recordings to produce professional, captivating songs. Ready to elevate your music to its fullest potential.

As a mix engineer, my daily work revolves around the meticulous craft of audio perfection. Utilizing Melodyne, I specialize in refining vocal and instrumental tracks that might initially seem beyond redemption, transforming them into harmoniously tuned elements of standout songs. My primary digital audio workstations, Logic Pro and Reaper, are the backbones of my production process, enabling a seamless workflow and rich sound design.My expertise lies in producing synth-pop and rock/grunge music, genres where I skillfully blend electronic vibes with raw, edgy sounds. However, my passion for audio experimentation doesn't stop there; I'm constantly exploring new musical styles, incorporating diverse elements to keep my productions fresh and innovative. Each day is a new opportunity to blend, mix, and innovate, ensuring that every track isn't just heard but felt.

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