Jim Philogene

Audio Mix Engineer

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At Mix Audio, we provide digital audio mixing services in the Oakville, Ontario area and to the rest of the world. You know that after the recording process, the music mixing process is where you take the next step to making your music come to life!

My name is Jim, the Mix Engineer here at Mix Audio.
When it comes to mixing music, my sole intention is to help you achieve a mix of your music that is polished, sonically correct, improves your listener's experience and most of all, to bring your music to life even better than you can imagined.
As a recording engineer, I am musically trained and do play the drums also. That is mainly to be able to help you with your project from start to finish. While the specific details about my recording career and notable projects may not be widely available, as a recording engineer, I play a crucial role in shaping the sound of your music recordings. I work closely with you the artist, producers, and other professionals to capture and enhance audio quality during the recording process.

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