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Recording&mixing engineer

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Second in Asia, Mixing Engineer ! A great mix engineer shouldn’t just provide you with a technical process. The best mix engineer’s are able to see the vision of the artist and bring sonic depth and clarity to a song that wasn’t there before. And most importantly, the final mix should inspire.

Participated in numerous frontline artists, cinema film music, OST recording and mixing work. Proficient in recording and mixing pop music, rock music, and rap music.
Main work cases:
电影:交换人生插曲《Sunrise With you》
VAVA《CX330》《波斯》 万茜《微小的曾经》 郑云⻰《心里的小孩》 希林娜依高《唯我·念》 王博文《心型公式》
戴燕妮《后半场》 温兆伦《现在到以前》 罗中旭《⻅,不⻅》
FOX 胡天渝/戚琦《⻛花雪月只当下》 隔壁老樊《满有希望》 温兆伦《如果你愿意》...

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I was the Mixing Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

Mix and Master Includes 5 rounds of Revisions. If you need more (we usually don't) I can do it for a small fee.

Gear Highlights
  • MAC Studio,Protools,UAD Apollo x8,Soundtoys,Waves,iZotope,FabFilter;
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