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....I prefer the unknown....

I have a very small state of the art studio. I have out of the ordinary instruments as well as the main stream things.I play Guitar mainly.
I have a collection of cereal box records from the 40's and 50's for added color, a pump organ, old guitars and amps. Old and new pedals. and a very old shruti box!
I have a fantastic Saw player at my disposal. as well as amazing Vocalists and other guitar players and keys.
I like to compose keyboard parts myself because I am not a keyboard player.(sometimes that works) 'Like a Rolling Stone' organ part came from a Guitar player goofing around.
odd sounds intrigue me and draw me into a song.
I would say I come from the Mitchell Froom/Chad Blake School of thought.
Soul Coughing/Los lobos/Kiko/latin playboys/tom waits/rickie lee jones

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"shadow Gypsy"

I was the composer/guitar player/mixer/recordist in this production

Gear Highlights
  • Pro tools 12
  • uad interface
  • uad plugins
  • coles ribbon mic
  • beyer ribbon mic
  • matched pair of modded Oktava MK-012-01
  • record lathe mic from the 40's
  • sm7. 1947 epiphone Triumph
  • 1957 silvertone 1333.1950 Gibson LG3 acoustic . all sound dust instruments.
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