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Remote Mixing/Mastering

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In 2000, began to study audio engineering. My father and his connections taught me analog; digitally, I've taught myself anything else through articles and documents published through EMI/Abbey Road, Berkeley, Alan Parsons, BBC and more. In 2013, completed Alan Parsons' Level 3 Masterclass at the Studio @ the Palms, Las Vegas, NV.

Offering professional mix and mastering services with quick turn-around times at prices both independent and pro label clients can afford. Young ears with a fresh mind that hasn't been corrupt by major institutes.

Currently building my portfolio. Steinberg Nuendo/Cubase based studio (Pro Tools 10 available)

Ask me about my bandwidth expander - my current development. It's an easy button for mixes with "troublemaker" tracks. Can't get an instrument to sit exactly right in a loud or dense mix?
My processor is the trick to getting your track right! Also, saves time on mastering in the end.

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