Roman Falkov

Live Sound Engineer

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Roman Falkov here, Live Sound Engineer based in Prague. Seeking a challenging position with a well-established organization in EU, where I can use my skills, knowledge and experience to bring out the best results and contribute to the performance of the organization. Contract or Freelance. Willingness to travel and non-regular working hours.

Professional sound engineer with 14 years of experience in show business and event industry. Strong background includes specific expertise in balancing, mixing and enhancing of live audio performances, events management, tours production, live TV-show productions, sound and stage engineering. Great experience with artists, analysis, compilation and calculation of technical riders.
Seeking a challenging position with a well-established organization in EU, where I can use my skills, knowledge and experience to bring out the best results and contribute to the performance of the organization

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Interview with Roman Falkov

  1. Q: What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?

  2. A: 2005-2007 sound technician/ stage manager. 2007-2010 manager of the "Lightek" rental company (sound devision) / sound engineer. 2010-2012 manager of the "Grand Master" rental company (sound devision) / sound engineer. 2012-2019 Tour FOH sound engineer.Artists FOH engineering and support on festivals.... "EUROSONIC NOORDERSLAG" 16.01.2015. Groningen.Netherlands. "36.Stage Songs Review Festival" 20-29.03.2015. Wroclaw. Poland. "MITEM" 14-28.04.2015. Budapest. Hungary. "WSCHYD KULTURY" 25-28.06.2015. Rzeszow. Poland. "FUSION FESTIVAL" 25-28.06.2015. Larz. Germany. "OPEN`ER FESTIVAL" 1-4.07.2015. Gdynia. Poland. "POHODA” 9-11.07.2015. Trencin. Slovakia. "Avignon OFF" 5-28.08.2015. Avignon. France. "La Manufacture" 5-25.08.2015. Avignon. France. "Zurcher Theater Spektakel" 6-23.08.2015. Zurich. Switzerland. "Sixteenplus Festival" 14-16.08.2015. Kiev.Ukraine. "VOYAGE Festival" 2-11.10.2015. Tahiti island. French Polynesia. "TEART`15" 29.09-23.10.2015. Minsk. Belarus. "DESIRE Festival" 29.11.2015. Subotica. Serbia. "Musique du monde" 1.02.2016 Le Trianon, Paris. "Europejskia Stolica Kultury Wrocław 2016" 25.04.2016 Wrocław. Poland. "Wiener Festwochen 2016" 14-17. 05.2016 Vienne. Austria. "Wilder Osten. Ereignis Ukraine" 19.05.2016 Magdeburg. Germany. "Bergen International Festival" 3-5.06.2016 Bergen. Norway. "Festival au village" 7-8.06.2016 Brioux. France. "Rudolstadt-Festival 2016" 9-10.06.2016 Rudolstadt. Germany. Festival Músicas do Mundo (FMM) 27.06.2016 Sines. Portugal. "Warszawa jest trendy" 2016 2.09.2016 Warsaw. Poland. "Medzinárodný festival Divadelná" 24.09.2016 Nitra. Slovakia. "Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre" 28.09.2016 Tbilisi.Georgia. "Pražské křižovatky" Národní Divadlo 5-6.10.2016 Prague. Czech Republic. "Hebbel am Ufer" 18.01.2017 Berlin. Germany. "Brechtfestival Augsburg" 4.03.2017 Augsburg. Germany. "Dakh Daughters show" 02.04.2017 Hellerau Dresden. Germany. "Dakh Daughters show" 05.05.2017 Heidelberger Stückemarkt. Germany. "Dni Sztuki Współczesnej" 26.05.2017 Bialostok. Poland. "Atlas Weekend 2017" 01.07.2017 Kyiv. Ukraine. "Dakh Daughters show" 23.09.2017 Forbach. France. "THE 23RD INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 4 + 4 DAYS IN MOTION". 09.09.2017 Prague. Czech Republic. "WOMEX - the World Music Expo 2017" 26.10.2017 Katowice. Poland. "Dakh Daughters show" 27.10.2017 Deutsches Theater. Berlin. Germany. "VIVIENNE MORT show" 28.10.2017 Prague. Czech Republic. "Dakh Daughters show" 15.11.2017 MPAA Saint-Germain. Paris. "Dakh Daughters Band" 01.04- 07.04. 2018.TBC. Vienna – Saltsburg – Gratz. Austria. "Dakh Daughters show" 05.05.2018 Tolhaus. Karlsruhe. Germany. "Dakh Daughters show" 14.06.2018. “Sound of Words festival”. Lublin. Poland "Dakh Daughters show" 01.08.2018 “Okarina Festival”. Bled. Slovenia. "Dakh Daughters show" 18.08.2018 “Darc Festival”. Chateauroux. France. "Dakh Daughters show" 25.08.2018 “Huvila Festival”. Helsinki. Finland. "Dakh Daughters show" 14.09.2018 TBC. Lodz. Poland. "Dakh Daughters show" 15.09.2018 TBC. Poznan. Poland. "Dakh Daughters show" 24.09.2018 TBC. Nurnberg. Germany.

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