Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with AISHA.

Producer using unique mics - Ricardo Braun

I strive for an original sound for the artists that I work with and produce the music for. Using uniquely tweaked microphones and amplifiers in the production and mixing-mastering process, the distinctive tonality from the tools makes the music stand out. Strengths: hip-hop, pop, and R&B.

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Producer, mixer, engineer - Uplift Recording Studio

Kevin Jardine is the kind of guy you want to spend tons of hours in a studio with. He has the know-how of a 15+ year career with his band slaves on dope, including 3 world-wide record deals. Kevin's strengths lie in production and songwriting, taking the artists songs to the next level, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the band.

Session singer/Songwriter  - Zalman Krause

Hey I'm Zalman! I'm a singer/songwriter from the Tri-State area with 3 albums out. I have a Youtube channel as well with over 100,000 subscribers where I make music videos, covers and some prank videos as well that involve music.

Mixing & Mastering - SoundStory Studio

Hey, I'm Michael Funderburk - Owner of SoundStory Studio located in Lexington, South Carolina.

I make and mix music - Tyler Schmid

Mixing for musicians, by a musician

Vocal Producer, Vocals, Mixer - Michelle Schantz

I'm a Boston and San Francisco based recording engineer and vocalist. I'm a graduate of Berklee College of Music's Music Production and Engineering program. There, I've worked with those who have been singing their whole lives and those just starting out. I currently work out of 37' Productions with producers Zach Bloomstein and Sean McLaughlin.

Academic Writer - Tom wade

Pro Dissertation Help provide academic support services to students around the globe with the help of British Writers at a affordable prices.

Eye am An Artist, everything! - Musa Alkemi Hop

Peace with Bliss! Eye am Musa, nice to vibe with you. Eye am a songwriter, singer/ vocalist, rapper/ mc, who is very good at song arrangement as well. Eye have natural talent and have been singing for 28 years and songwriter for 22 years. Eye am very open for all types of sound and creativity. Would love to do some business and connect! Peace

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