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At TRUE SOUND MASTERING, we optimize the sound quality of your work in order to highlight it and to do justice to your vocal performance, your instrumental playing, your musicality, your sensitivity and your creativity, with a refined sound quality.

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Audio Engineer - Re Omle Guirnela

I've been an Audio Engineer for 7 years with great experience in mixing,editing and mastering. Worked for over 6 Studios here in Asia with International clients. I have a certificate in audio at Audio Solutions Engineering and have attended countless seminars in audio. I worked mostly mixing metal. My mixes are punchy and heavy.

Music Producer & Beatmaker - Storyteller

Just under 4 years experience in Music production, Audio Editing, Mixing & Mastering and Beatmaking. I work in a wide variety of genres and always deliver in a timely manner.

Mixing Mastering Production - marqaudio

Freelance Recording, Mixing & Mastering engineer with an ear (well... two!) for top-notch sounds. Regularly worked at multiple reputable studios in Toronto (such as Revolution Recording). Every artist is different from one another, as an Engineer it is my duty to help accentuate your personal style and help your mix stand out in its best way.

Production & Mastering     - Bill

Music & Media veteran with years of experience on the Exec Team & Consulting side as well as the Creative side. Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, Engineer & Turntablist. Please see description for academics and accolades. Looking forward to working with you-- Bill

Audio Engineer (Live & Studio) - Matt Adams

Engineer in Southern California that can bring a professional mix to your project. I enjoy working with creatives to take their music to a level that sonically competes.

Songwriter/Producer - Alex Bayly


Indie/Folk London based songwriter/producer. 1,000,000+ streaming independent artist and previously written production music for EMI and Universal. I offer instrumental tracking, arranging, songwriting mixing and mastering services.

Singer  - Louisa Rosi

London based versatile singer

Mixing and mastering, Producer - Sorin Condrea

International producer, DJ and mix/mastering engineer

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