Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Alsace Carcione

Production, Mixing, Mastering - KdS

Hello good people! I am a professional producer / mixing engineer offering quality production for a fraction of the price. My goal is to make the song you hear in your head, come out of the speakers!

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Team of Singers & Lyricists - Brandi & Max Himmereich


If you are looking for emotional lyrics and singing, please contact us. I work in a team with a male vocalist, both of us classically trained. We can write lyrics to the melody of your song, or can be hired to do lead or background vocals on your tracks. Over 15 years experience in recording and live performances.

Produce music  - Jeffrey Saer

My name is Jeff and I make music in a home studio and while traveling. I've played music for 16 of my 28 years, have played in a touring act and recorded in many professional studios, and can't seem to get rid of this music in my head!

Mixing, Producing, Guitar - Kyle Blaine Perrin

Over a decade of working with the industry’s top artists, engineers, producers, and musicians on tour, and in the studio, have helped me refine my craft so I may provide the highest quality of work possible for artists, labels, and individual clients. I am passionate about music, and always strive to make the song the best it can be. Let's work!

Compose produce, record songs - Santi Gamez

I'm a colombian music producer, own a recording studio in which I can record drums, tropical percussion, guitars and also edit differents tracks (like tune vocals or quantize percussion). As a recorder, I like to be very transparent and get every single detail the way you want it, you will notice that your ideas gets interpreted by me in the best

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Juanfra JF


I Give Music Producers The Ability to Remain Creative, Save Time, and Produce More by Efficiently and Tastefully Mixing & Mastering their Music. For music samples and full info, please VISIT www.juanfrajf.com.

 - Sakelya Bea

My name is Sakelya and I am a Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Music arranger! Music is my life! I have been writing my own music since I was 9 years old. If you need a hard female rapper....I am your girl! If you need help with melody or lyrics, I am here for you as well! I am looking for top Producers that can create Trap/POP Exclusives

Writing Service - ewritingpal Reviews

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Mental Health Consultant - Marti MacEwan

Expert in overcoming stage fright, fear of public speaking, performance anxiety and impostor syndrome.

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