Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Askbayns

Produce, Record, Mix & Master - Odd Space Studio

Something that our 15+ years in music industry taught us is that the music quality doesn't depend only on artists. Our studio is well prepared to give your music everything it needs to sound the best and, we will always help you to make the best decisions.

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Music Production Ninja - Ron Charlton

Hi! I am a Music Production Ninja, a Subtly-Charming Lyric & Melody Maestro, and Fanatically Devoted Guitar Nerd (Producer/Songwriter/Guitarist). I have written, played, and produced for Top-10 Artists, Dove Award Winners, Grammy Winners and Latin Grammy Winners. I am adept at many styles of music including Rock, Country, Funk, R&B, Gospel, & CCM.

High-Level Session Vocalist - corinna jane

G'day! I'm a singer with considerable experience hailing from Australia. I am lucky enough to have a voice that is powerful, extremely adaptable and wide-ranging, often described as "sultry" and "beautiful". I have 22 releases on iTunes, including 2 hits with dance producer Mark Lower. I would love to help you with your project.

Live audio engineer - JP Huff

Hey! My name is JP Huff and I'm an audio engineer with a focus on live settings. If it's a club of 10 people or an arena of 10,000 people, I'll be making you sound the best you can possibly sound!

Recording Mixing Mastering  - Kid Houston

audio engineer of 7 years have recorded many artist and as an artist myself i can feel what your song needs to make it pop out

Remote Engineering & Recording - Sakura Studios

I can make your vocals absolutely pop and cut through the mix. Very fast and efficient mixing, especially on mp3/wav beats! Can also record your vocals if you're in Toronto.

Music producer, Mix - Fapic Group

Fapic Group ist ein junges Medienunternehmen mit Sitz in Luxemburg und beschäftigt sich mit der Produktion von Video, Musik, Fotografie und Grafikdesign. Das Unternehmen gibt jungen Menschen die Möglichkeit, ihre Ideen mit geringem Budget und in einem professionellen Umfeld umzusetzen. Fapic Group hat sich zudem im Gebiet der Musikproduktion spezia

Guitarist, Mixing, Producer - Thomas Mauerhofer

You need electric & acoustic guitars from Pop to 20ties Swing? Look no further, let me do it! You need location recording for your delicate acoustic music in the Austrian area? Look no further, try me! You need help with Songwriting & Lyrics?..... You know what to do ;)

Productor y guitarrista - Fran Jimeno

Músico y Productor de Buenos Aires, Argentina

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