Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Assistant at CYBERSOUND Recording Studio

Rap Artist, Engineer, Writer  - SYLVAN

What's up everyone my name is Sylvan. I am a Rap Artist, Engineer, and Song Writer. I would love nothing more than to collab with like-minded individuals. I'm forever grateful and forever hungry. Thank you.

More providers:

 - Estudios Panda

Panda studios have always made a strong statement of investing into the research and purchase of cutting edge equipment, be it new or vintage.

Congas, Hand Percussion - Jim Lindsay

Wanna ditch your hippie drum-circle track and out of time shaker/tambourine? Tired of your conga samples not pocketing in the groove? Let me lay down a killer conga track for you... and I can give you shaker and tambourine tracks that are in time!

Mastering Engineer - Clay Francis Audio Mastering

I specialize in affordable custom mastering with emphasis on clarity and maintaining mix integrity. I have a tendency towards open, exciting sounding mixes that grab your attention with dynamic automation, and will not over compress, and will seek to enhance the best qualities of a mix.

Music producer, Beat maker - Jobe

I have an independent label where you can find anything you need for your career

Music Producer - PcycAlone

Producer/Mixing Engineer

Music Producer/Engineering/DJ - The Engineer

Hip Hop music producer focused on engineering records. I use soul/jazz vinyl samples to create beautiful music... Then add the rhymes to it to make it Hip Hop.

Songwriter, lyrics and melody  - Caitlin Magee

Talented songwriter looking for a producer to work with to create demos. Writes with passion and clarity, predominately pop. Lyrics and melody. In need of someone to bring the musical vision to life.

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