Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with BandLand Radio

Audio Engineer (Live & Studio) - ELITE ENTERTAINMENT

I'm Garrett an accredited Indie Label Mixing Engineer, and Stephen an accredited Indie Label Mastering Engineer. With over 15 years combined in both the recording studio and live mixing. SoundOnSound Magazine & Crowd Audio sponsored Mix & Master Competition WINNER!

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 - Ryan Martin

Mastering and Mixing at Heed Sound in Montreal www.heedsound.com

Music Producer/ Engineer/ DJ - The CEE

Well versed multi genre producer with an Ep and singles out as well as a Dj. Currently working in masters music as a sound engineer along side well renowned Producer and audio Engineer Micheal fingers. Masters Music is where the 2018 World Cup song with Jason Derulo Feat Wykee Benda. #Colours was made.

Music Producer - Iftach Dekel

Super creative Hyper Talented And crazy Producer/ come&visit

Session singer and producer - Andrew James

As someone experienced in studio session work, I am confident in my ability to efficiently and effectively deliver your top lines and harmonies. I’ve worked with many talented session players in Europe and the US and credits include a UK chart entry of my own.

Violinist - Film/TV Composer - Emily Gelineau

Trained at Berklee College of Music, Emily is a professional session violinist and top-notch composer for your TV/Film/Documentary/Media project. Educated in all genres, I have performed/recorded on Violin with and for Justin Timberlake, Thomas Newman, Harry- Gregson Williams, Aoife O'Donovan, and many more.

Canvas & Visual Art Designer  - Martín Matilla

I'm a VJ, audiovisual artist and designer. My artwork has evolved around the creation of loops and the animation of photographs, basing my main exploration on the surreal landscapes, collage and organic textures. I'm also a musician, producer and a tireless researcher in love with the process of imagining what is about to take place.

Remote Producing/Mixing - CMPT

I specialize in making talented people sound even more awesome. I love working with budding singer/songwriters and building fully produced songs around their ideas and lyrics. Communication is huge for me during the process to ensure the direction is going where you would like.

Tech House Music Producer - Luke Andy

With over 6 years of experience in production, I have been able to travel all over the country playing out my music at some of the biggest festivals and clubs in the nation. I can help you achieve a sound that is club and label ready!


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