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EDM producer for hire! - SVRN.music

Do you want a modern progressive house/EDM song and a professional relationship to a producer i´am your guy!


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Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Cosmic Audio


Two heads are better than one! We want to take your mixes and mastering to the next level, and with James' modern and Mark's traditional approach we can cover most bases. We've worked with everyone from local bands to legendary producers such as Chris Birkett and Snowboy, and pride ourselves on a high end result that won't break the bank!

Audio & Sound Music Production - Einklang Studio

30 years of experience in music business

Composing, Mixing & Mastering - Marcelo Ribeiro Dias

30 years of experience in music business in audio and music production.

Always working ITB. Fast work - Javier Poblete Mixing & Master

A competitive approach to your sound, DJ for 30 years, give me a wide sound pallete to work with. If you look for an specific sound, I can create it for you, and in short time...

Mix and Mastering - Dan Bunculet

I am specialzated in Worship Mix and Mastering but I can do also another genres😉😊

Audio Engineer, Music Producer - BK ABDULLAH

Hello! If you are in need of custom high quality music production for sync licensing placements or are in need of a record to be mixed to radio quality contact me today!!!

Audio Engineer, Podcast Editor - Adam Williams

Rock and metal mixing engineer. 🤟🏻

Music Producer/Mix Engineer - Patrick James Fitzroy

Award-winning music producer & mix engineer at Stranger Sounds, Canning Town. Extensive experience from arranging and recording orchestral strings in Prague to collaborating with Portishead producers, crafting sonic landscapes that transcend genres. Let's push boundaries together.

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