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Acoustic-Prod-Engineering-Art - BLACK FIR

Free lancer from France : FR & INTERNATIONAL. Accept contracts Can move to client, recruiter.. _____________________________________________ -[Room] Acoustic engineering -Sound-audio engineering & production -Composition & scoring - Music -Music &/or audiovisual projects proposals


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Mixing & Mastering - Label -  - Clemmy Della Rocca

Clemmy Della Rocca, Very expert in mixing and mastering, whenever there is need I also improve the arrangement by inserting details and not neglecting the care of every single sound. I will work step by step with you, sending you listening hand, hand as the work progresses and behind your indications we will find the right balance for your songs.

Music production, new ideas - Sam Largo

I'm glad to present you new creative ideas for songs. Let's try together!

Remote Analog Mastering - Rok | Mix:analog

Hey, I'm Rok from Mixanalog.com! I'm demoing the world's most advanced real-time remote-control analog audio processing service called Mix:analog to get the most out of your tracks!

professional mix/mastering  - redbox studio

Professional Mixing and Mastering Engineer from Italy

Producer/Mixing/Mastering - Neiman Brown

I produce, mix, master, and song write. I specialize in Rap, Afrobeats, Pop, Soul, and R&B. I've worked with major labels, such as as well as unsigned artists.

Productor y guitarrista - Fran Jimeno

Músico y Productor de Buenos Aires 🇦🇷

Mixing & Mastering  - Pawel Zalewski

I am a student at the Academy of Sound Engineering in Warsaw. My journey with sound editing started about 8 years ago. I don't have a very extensive portfolio available online because I have always been striving for perfection and kept my works "in the drawer". However, I would be happy to share my works if you are interested.

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