Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Blondevillain

Mixer / Producer - Dnipro & Kruchi


Freelance production studio and label from Ukraine based in Berlin looking to work with new talents in Indie, Alt-Rock, Jazz or creative Electronic genres. Also a skilled guitarist with over 15 years of jazz training as well as love for rock-n-roll and writing.

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Freelance Mixer/Producer - Mark Bullock


I'm a passionate producer and mixer—specializing in folk and indie music—whose work has cumulatively gathered over 650,000 plays on Spotify. Highlights include "Chip Clip" by Swirlhood (58k plays), "Tangle Drift" by Body Origami (77k plays), and "Baby" by Sad Baxter (54k plays). My mix stems for Nashville band "ONLY" were just used in a Vans ad!

DJ, Producer,Audio Engineer - DJ Playa Music

I DO IT ALL. Not only do i produce and arrange records then mix and master them, i'm also a DJ an make my own music as well so i know exactly what an artist is looking for and i always have my ear to the newest sounds and waves in todays music. I'm also a fan of many genres. Need your song to sound just right, I can make it just that and more.


Hey guys this is DDXMUSIC HERE. U can also call me DX. I'm here to help in with all the things u guys want

Session Guitarist, Producer - Mikko Paavola

"Your playing sounds really tasteful!" That's the most common feedback I get for my guitar work. With over 25 years of experience as a session musician and producer, you can rely on me to make the most of your wishes and ideas.

Beatmaker/Songwriter - El Maikito

I'm a 1st generation Peruvian American that is born & raised in Los Angeles & the inland Empire. Ready to write lyrics for you & make beats for you. My strong points is Trap/Reggaeton & hiphop

Composer, Arranger, Producer - Sean Brown

Sean Brown is a film composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, and conductor, renowned for his ability to evoke emotion and enhance storytelling through music. Studying at the European Academy of Fine Arts, he honed his craft and earned a graduate diploma in Film and Video Game Scoring. Armed with a deep understanding of composition and orchestrat

I'm a songwritter and a singer - Edvânio

Hi, Edvânio Here! I'm trying to find out how is that good being here.

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