Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Camy G

Music Producer - Germán Ceballos / ginTONIC

Music Producer | Editor | Lead Audio Engineer at ginTONIC Records

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Remote Mixing & Mastering - Creative SoundLab

Hello there. I'm Sharath, an SAE certified, mixing and mastering engineer with an experience of 7 years. I'm here to expand my clientele as well as to help musicians and bands with a limited budget to invest in mixing and mastering their tracks/albums.

Audio Production Syndicate - Austin Audio Extract

Austin Audio Extract is an independent audio production and recording studio based in Austin Texas. Offering services in song and project Pre-Production, professional and high-quality studio Recording, Mixing and Mastering, as well as Copyright set-up, artist Royalty set-up, and both physical and digital Distribution options.

Mix Engineer w/Analogue touch - Noah Nelson

Get that analogue warmth and polished sound that bangs 🔥

Engineering and Production - Michael Nolasco

I'm an audio engineer with experience in high-level music recording studios. Credits include, Adam Lambert, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Billy Idol, Papa Roach, Parson James, and others.

Hybrid Music Producer/Mixer - Tyson Summers

Professionally trained in mixing and production. I’m passionate about creating industry standard sound. I produce & mix Start-to-Finish songs for musicians, music for media and help singer-songwriters achieve professional, radio-ready tracks.

Creating Video, Editing Video - Web Master

I am a digital marketer and SEO Expert

Multi-platinum Music Producer - Oliver Ryon

Introducing Oliver Ryon, the multiplatinum music producer with a flair for all genres, specializing in Global rap, pop, and electrifying EDM. From crafting songs to mixing and mastering, his talent and artistic direction will elevate your music to new heights. Hire him now for chart-topping hits! ✅

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