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When was the last time someone pushed you to be creative and believed in your work? Music Paths is a group of musician's dedicated to believing in your work. Our skilled team is always at hand to direct and provide you with the resources needed to become a successful artist.

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Production, acoustics design - SHOWBEAT

Started working with sound 9 years ago. Self-educated. Was one of the founders of vocal audio studio.

Music Production/Mixing  - Daniel Illetschek

Producer and Engineer with 8+ years of experience. My work has been featured on TrapNation, Spinnin' Records, MrRevillz, Smash The House, Cr2 Records and more, with more than 10+ Million plays under my belt. I've also done SYNC work with countless brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Tommy Hilfiger, Best Day, AXA and more.

Mixing &  Mastering Engineer  - TwoneMixedIt

I love making music. I love making music for other people more. Let me help bring your song to life by giving it that industry sound you have been looking for. All songs on this playlist were recorded, mixed , and mastered by Twone at Versatile Studios in Birmingham Al. Have a song you want mixed? Send us a message and lets get started. - Turn It

Sound Deisgner, Music Producer - Christian Gil Moncada

Sound Design and Production with experience and good price

Jack of all trades - Mosez Jones

Hello fellow artist of mine, I'm a diversified musician with skills in songwriting, producing, mixing and vocals! I close to a million plays on my personal projects I've worked on and believe that my ear and vision could take your projects beyond its expectations!

Mental Health Consultant - Marti MacEwan

Expert in overcoming stage fright, fear of public speaking, performance anxiety and impostor syndrome.

Songwriter & Music Producer - MICHAEL ELLIS

As an Artist, I am and will always look to perfect my craft. When it comes to the art of songwriting, it allows me to tune into the environment and turn my ideas into a song. Having the skill to communicate my message to the listener by creating mental images with words in the most powerful and moving way is what I always strive for.

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