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Music Producer - Nuclear Sound

Founded in 2016, Nuclear Sound is a home recording studio based just East of Toronto. Run by music producer and multi-instrumentalist Mathieu Perrier, Nuclear Sound is equipped to tackle recording projects of any size.

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Music Man - WarrenH

GOD given.

 - Studio 11 - Chicago Recording Studios

Studio 11 is located in Chicago's downtown loop district. 20 years in business, the studio has hosted world renown talents and major record labels alike. A collection of world class gear and top notch sound make the studio the ultimate place for urban music sounds.

Producer/Mixing/Mastering  - Neldrick

My name is Neldrick Martis, Producer / mixer living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Features. Demo tracks. Hooks.  - Shawn Don

I have my own TV shows on ABC and MTV. I'm part of a multi-platinum music collective I've worked with Snoop Dogg, John Legend, DJ Mustard, Kurupt, and more. I'm verified on social media and have over 130,000 fans on Twitter alone I've been touring the country doing paid appearances and performances. I can work with any budget.

Online Mixing and Mastering - Capsule Corp

I am the crazy man, autotune, delay, phaser, crazy breakdown or reverse breath, silences....etc Awesome sound come from crazy ideas

Singer, vocalist - Pete Rawcliffe

If you are looking for a vocalist with a completely different sound then stop and take a look!

Education - Robert Davis

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