Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences Graduate

Podcast editing, SFX, & Foley - Johnathan Swartzentruber

I can work with you to get your tracks or podcasts sounding professional, and exactly how you want.

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 - Matt Searle

I am the Broadcast and Post Production Audio Specialist for BYU Idaho. Before moving to Idaho I spent 5 years working in independent music in Venice CA. I am a certified instructor for pro tools and media composer.

Music producer, beatmaker - Roman Shalimov

Mixing / Session Player - Shea Thompson

I specialize in all things pro audio! I handle pro mixing, mastering, recording, and even session work. I compose my own music and help developing artists reach their creative goals. I can play guitar, keyboards/piano, bass, drums, and sing. I also do beat production from Ableton and can produce many edm genres as well as modern rock and hiphop.

Bass Player, Remote mixing - Fernando Micozzi

I love music. I love songs. As a bass player, I like groovy but musical bass lines that enrich songs. As a mixing engineer, I will try to make every sound to be where it has to be.

Production & Songwriting - Merloni & Fife

Merloni & Fife have a vast catalog of successful work and always strive to make each project better than the last, no matter what level the client is. They will only work with artists and songs that they fully back and believe in so please pitch your songs for consideration.

Artist, Producer & Songwriter - Dan Myers

Artist, Producer, Writer & Studio Owner - Specialising In Pop Production

Music producer,Songwriter - Shadd

I am a electronic songwriter, producer, i run a recording studio based in Budapest. We record any vocals or instrument that is needed and help musicians write songs. my music gets released trough AHA Recordings I also produce hip hop beats.

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