Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Craig Chaquico

Producer Recording Artist - Michael Saint John

Professional Producer, International Touring and Recording Artist, Drummer, Bassist, Guitarist, and Mandolin. Played and/or recorded with Patrick Simmons, Tom Waits, Craig Chaquico, Melvin Seals, Larry Graham, Phil Lesh, Baba Olatunji, Michael Franti, etc. I produce music and play most all the instruments, arrange, edit, mix, and a one stop shop!

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 - One Watt Studio

We are an up and coming recording studio with mobile capabilities. Let us put the time and work into your project that it takes to create something great. We mix, master, and produce.

Music composer and player - Panos Doukas

Hi there! I am Greek composer and music player, working as a freelance in a small town. I specialize in world, pop and electronic music. I 've studied Music Technology and I own a home studio. I play a session musician with several bands and I have composed several greek and international songs.

Recording Engineer/ Producer - Kyle Krueger

My name is Kyle Krueger and I am a graduate of CSU Chico with a bachelor's in Recording Arts. I have a full studio with professional quality recording gear. I like working with artists who are passionate and focused on their dream. With every recording session I try to set a standard of good work ethic combined with an open creative environment.

Recording Studio, Beat Makers - Loud Noises Dynasty

Every song starts with a recording. Ask any mixing or mastering engineer. Quality tracking not only makes their job easier, it makes the final product better! Why use cheap closet booths or $50 condenser microphones? Constant clicks and pops? Unclear vocals? What we do is offer the very best tracking quality possible!

Mix Master Sing & Write - Daniella

Hello, I'm Daniella Davina, what sets me apart from my competitors is my experience in and outside of the booth. As an artist & trained engineer I'm passionate about creating high quality work at reasonable prices. I know the sentiment and sacrifice we make as creatives so every project is personal to me. Now, let's make hits!

Remote mixing and mastering - Tripple Tree Music

I am an experienced and art school-skilled mixer, owning a small studio with a large amount of hi-res e-drums. I can provide ready to master music tracks using the latest, pro, in-the-box gear (hi-end analog emulations). If your recording is a bit weak, I can provide a killer drum track for your mix. Mastering is possible, be it on semi-pro level.

Session Keyboards & Accordion - Jenny Conlee


I am a full time member of The Decemberists and I love playing sessions in my spare time. I play all keyboard instruments and the piano accordion.

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